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Translations Series follows the themes of rebirth, simulation and object translations, exploring how the physical marks of time and use can denote personal histories and object biographies – and how a parody of the original is created when material truths and untruths are interfered with.

Translations no.1, iron
Translation one
2009, iron

Translations no.2, iron
Translation two
2009, iron

Whiskey Tumblers
Whiskey Tumblers
2009, iron

Translations no.3, brass
Translation three
2009, brass

talc bottle, wax
Talc bottle 2009, wax, talc

Possibly Replica Series

This series looks at a collection of familiar domestic objects, once cherished, then discarded, then subtley altered.

crumpled flying ducks
Crumpled Beswick Ducks Slight Damage 2009, silver

broken swan
Lenox Swan Broken 2009, silver

Tired Lenox Swan 2009, silver

Hand carved tea strainer-open
Carved ‘Long Distance’ Tea Strainer 2009, brass, silver

georgian teaspoons
Georgian Solid Silver Teaspoons Marked London 2009, silver.

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