Images of my new commissioned installation  JUST FOR BEST.

This piece of work was commissioned by the Crafts Council for their Collect Trail 2010 project.

Just For Best 2010, installation view

Just For Best 2010, installation detail

Just For Best 2010, installation detail

For this project the Crafts Council commissioned a new piece of work from a selection of emerging artists to showcase diverse and dynamic contemporary craft installations in retail windows and unexpected spaces around the King’s Road during Collect 2010 at the Saatchi Gallery.

All works © Caren Hartley

Images © Sylvain Deleu


I am very excited to announce that I have been shortlisted for the Bluecoat National Sculpture Prize 2010!  I will be exhibiting in an exhibition of works by the 6 finalists at the Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool from 13th August to the 25th September 2010.


The Crafts Council have recently purchased one of my Wax Talc Bottles for their Handling Collection.  The Handling Collection is a collection of works by Contemporary makers that is available as a teaching resourse to enable students to have a first hand and tactile experience of precious works, and to encourage haptic thinking and learning.